Tom Warner

Tom Warner

Much like leaves falling softly to the earth in autumn, the days of our lives slip past like a mere moment in time. The visual arts continue to remain a fixated interest to me. Photography can be an ethereal experience at times. I get excited when I get behind the lens and capture the essence of a moment. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When it comes to photographing people, the significance of the moment cannot be underestimated. Gesture, pose, and facial expressions all have to do with the inner essence of the person being photographed. It can be near startling at times when reviewing the images. The photographs may not have a great deal of significance shortly after being taken and viewed; but, in the long run, they are a priceless, historical record of who we were, what we were, and where we were. Captured images are invaluable as the years pass by. They facilitate our memory.

I love the craft.


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