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Abstract Art Posters

Abstract art is not anything recognizable. It is a very different form of art that is seen at many places in the form of poster. The concept of abstract art does not involve any particular figure painted on a poster. Rather it is set of some geometrical designs, with blend of colors that give various effects. In short, it is the opposite of monotonous paintings, and rather gives a colorful and creative effect.

What actually is abstract art?

A canvas print of abstract art would not be something like figures, but it is something like patterns and different colors and forms, to represent feelings, emotions and experiences, rather than creating a visual experience. Pablo Picasso, known to be pioneer of abstract art has set the ground for this form of framed art. One of the notions of abstract art is Cubism. This represents art prints, in which the object can be captured and seen from various points of views. Other forms of abstract art include circles and lines, as well as diagonals. Posters of abstract art are found in schools, and sometimes in homes as well. Offices and shops also use abstract art posters to create various affects in their surrounding, since each of the styles in the poster, with its own colors and design has a unique effect on the surrounding.

How is it made

Artists usually take big brushes and some coats of paints to create random designs out of their mind that appear on the poster. It is not about planning. It is about what the artist thinks while creating his work.