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Berlin TV Tower Posters

You’ve seen it in films, on postcards or on posters, on a wide variety of canvas art and art print editions: the Berlin TV Tower. What makes this particular building so interesting is the strangeness with which it covers the Berlin sky, and, as long as it is visited virtually or in reality, the feelings it bestows upon the unsuspecting visitor are very interesting. At a closer scrutiny, the design has permeated the media beyond the obvious occurrence of having a home décor or poster item. The Berlin TV Tower is simply a world-renowned piece of architecture.

The Berlin TV Tower and its surroundings

It comes as no surprise to most people that the Berlin TV Tower received such a global audience. Having a height that easily sets it as the highest man made structure in Germany, the tower’s grand design is beyond anything in the area. All other buildings are simply dwarfed by this sleek giant aiming at the sky. A good poster will reveal just that – the imposing nature of its height and the way it “hovers” over the town as a mastodon. A poster can, of course only do so much, but a few tricks can make the graphic representation even more conclusive.

An alien presence in an otherwise conservative town

This is pretty much the story of the Berlin TV Tower, it looks weird at first sight, but after a few minutes, the weirdness transforms itself into a delightful vista. The Berlin TV Tower simply demands to be exposed to the medium of poster media, since it gets so much out of it.