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The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany is the only survivor of a series of gates that were used to enter the small walled city of Berlin in the late 1700s. The gate was commissioned in 1788 by King Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace. It took three years for Carl Gotthard Langhans to build the gate. The Brandenburg Gate was part of the Berlin Wall until the wall was demolished in 1989.

Classic Looks at Brandenburg Gate

You can own a beautiful poster or canvas print of this beautiful piece of architectural design. ARTFLAKES has a large number of images of this wonderful gate. Get a framed art piece of the Brandenburg Gate lit up at night, a poster at dawn, or an art print at sunset. The gate has been photographed from countless angles, and you can choose your favorite. Maybe you would prefer a large poster for your office or a stunning panoramic print for your den. You can get a magnificent poster of the Brandenburg Gate during the Festival of Lights.

Historical Views of Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate has been a part of the history of Berlin for more than 200 years. Included in the image selections at ARTFLAKES, are a number of photos of the gate during historical events and times. Get a poster of the gate during the fall of the Berlin Wall or a canvas print showing the gate in 1850. Now you can own a piece of this historical architecture.

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