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The Colosseum of Ancient Rome

The Colosseum is a vast amphitheater in the center of Rome, Italy which was built circa 70 BCE. At the time of its construction, it could seat fifty thousand people. Audiences packed in to watch gladiator fights, dramatic productions, and other public spectacles - even simulated sea battles. All of this act was made possible by the brilliant engineering behind the Colosseum’s construction.

The Colosseum Today

Today, the Colosseum stands in partial ruins. One of Italy's most popular tourist sites, it attracts thousands of annual visitors. Tourists are drawn to the structure's history, beauty, and iconic status as a symbol of the ingenuity of the ancient Roman Empire. The Colosseum's status is so important that its image is depicted on a unit of modern Italian currency.

The Colosseum as Poster Art

Poster art of the Colosseum is a versatile decorating option. A large-format poster captures the stunning detail of this marvelous construction. A smaller art print or poster can create a touch of classic Italy. A canvas print or framed art print gives an elegant depiction of the Colosseum during any point of its enduring history. ARTFLAKES can provide the ideal poster to present this masterpiece of the ancient world.

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