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Ethiopia Posters

Horn of Africa Ethiopia is one of largest and most populated country of African region. Its landscape varies from lowlands to high plateaus and combined with admirable and diverse landscape from green mountains to dry ones to volcanoes exhibit dream posters and art prints.

Posters and art pieces

The Axum obelisk near Addis Ababa is not only of historic importance but provides a very dramatic and powerful image as framed art piece which is worth displaying at places which need dramatic aura. Similarly island monasteries of Bahir Dar, churches of Lalibela and castles of Gonder with their unique rocky appearance provide a very strong and exotic scene as canvas print or poster. The sight of local drystone architecture combined with small farms of chessboard like structure and thin sandstone mesas with backdrop of ancient Coptic traditions add mysterious aura to Ethiopian landscape.

Scope of Ethiopian landscape as poster topic

From the exotic scenes of cracks in desert land of Ethiopia as a result of volcanic eruption of two volcanoes to diverse African landscape of exotic fauna and attractive flora, the scenery of Ethiopia is a worth considering sight for posters and framed art pieces. Its unique grassy landscape which is quite different from most tourists’ spots and poster topics qualifies it to be captured as a unique exhibition of exotic scenery and splendid aura which will strongly influence viewers of any environment. So, posters of the Ethiopian landscape are exhibition of unique taste and admiration of exotic beauty exhibiting strong aesthetic sense and individual uniqueness of personality.

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