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The discoveries of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been discovered by many different visitors to North America at very different times. In the sixteenth Century, a Spanish explorer looking for seven mythical wealthy cities found the Canyon instead - not a bad substitute! In the nineteenth century, an expedition along the Colorado River was funded by the state of Illinois. The expedition party ended up on the brink of starvation and in desperation headed down the Grand Canyon, where they found food and civilization. You too can discover the canyon by purchasing a poster online capturing the canyon's pioneering spirit.

The unrivaled beauty of the canyon

The unspoilt beauty of the Grand Canyon is known even to those who have never visited it. The sheer scale of the canyon is often underestimated and the size and beauty of the canyon can well be translated through an oversized poster or art print. The rugged red tone of the cliffs and the murky river below present a magnificent landscape that is perfect for framed art or a poster.

The Grand Canyon today

The Grand Canyon in the United States today is visited by millions of visitors who flock to see the canyon's overwhelming beauty in real life. The views down to the river are as breathtaking as the views over the canyon and there are many different perspectives in which the canyon can be captured as a poster. ARTFLAKES can provide you with your own visit to the canyon - be it in poster or canvas form.