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Madeira Posters

The Portuguese archipelago of Madeira is a wonderful little place, known to the masses for its intriguingly beautiful displays of fireworks for the New Year. This is certainly a place that many see as a natural wonder and, because of that, they always enjoy it and are pleased by a visit here. The Madeira archipelago has been the subject of many photographic prints poster art, framed art collections and above all else, of stunning art print collection. It’s not solely its location but also the way it was set and exploited through the years in a lot of poster art.

Madeira - a diverse archipelago

The islands that comprise the Madeira archipelago make up an entire habitat for plant life and wildlife. However, the story doesn’t end here; Madeira has been the home of many historical events, the First World War for instance has seen Madeira as a primary source for U-boat depot facilities and other things made to ease the war effort. A poster of that era may remind you of the way the place evolved through the years, and, also, of the way it has been used.

The Guinness World Records recognized Madeira

One thing that Madeira is widely known for is its display of fireworks. In fact, such is the spectacle that it aided Madeira in being inducted in the Guinness World Records book, a feat worthy of admiration. A poster celebrating this victory may very well remind you of the stunning feat, but at the same time, it may also be a great way to start a poster collection.

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