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Nostalgia Posters & Prints

First, the concept „nostalgia“ appeared in the medical context. Nostalgia was characterized a sick-making homesickness. Only much later, nostalgia has received the current non-medical importance. Today, the term nostalgia, refers in German a melancholy turn to the past, which are in memory often idealized. This can refer to both historical periods and biographical temporally conditions. It is often the "good old days" where everything was supposedly much nicer and better than in the present.

Today we see in the past more and more the positive. Past time, in which the natural and down to earth life or social coexistence were important, wins again in value. The longing for what has been often also provides a positive view of the past and helps to identify continuity in life. Old furniture, lamps, dishes, photos, etc. are again very popular with both young and old. It is a real trend that does not seem to weaken. One likes to arrange its flat or house like once in the past, to preserve the atmosphere of the it.

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