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„Annunciation (1961)“

from the gallery of Mati Klarwein

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)

88 x 128.5 cm

"Annunciation is the first painting I painted after my initial New York awakening. I was 28 years old and at the peak of my molecular bio-energy. You can feel the sudden burst of the Big Apple's electric zap in the composition after all the early years of adolescent brooding over potatoes and eggs and the romantic nostalgia of the preceding Flight to Egypt.

Years later Carlos Santana saw a reproduction of the Annunciation in a magazine and wanted it for the cover of his all-time best selling Abraxas album. It did me a world of good. I saw the album jacket pinned on the wall of a shaman's mud hut in Niger and inside a Rastafarian's ganja hauling truck in Jamaica. I was in good global company, muchísimas gracias Carlitos!"

From Mati Klarwein's Collected Works

Picture ID: 50eb268
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Grüsse von Henry Boxer Gallery
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Fantastic artwork! Compliment!!
Greetings, Bernd
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Boy! i am so flattered you are following my work. This is a master piece I admired 30 plus years ago. I loved it! It stayed in my mind all those years and now i meet the author so to speak....
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