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„No064 My Pirates of Silicon Valley minimal movie poster“

from the gallery of chungkong

No064 My Pirates of Silicon Valley minimal movie poster

Pirates, Silicon, Steve, Jobs, Wozniak, Ballmer, Bill, Gates, Apple, Microsoft, Good, artists, copy, Great, steal,

minimal, minimalism, minimalist, movie, poster, movieposter, film, artwork, cinema, alternative, symbol, graphic, design, idea, chungkong, simple, cult, fanart, art, print, retro, icon, style, sale, gift, room, wall, hollywood, classic, comedy, original, time, best, quote, inspired, oscar, poster, posters, LOVE! minimal movie posters. Started out of curiosity, soon became an addiction. Result: my gallery is now featuring more then 150 titles! Take a look and find your favorite movie. Have fun. More at

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