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„No279 My The Italian Job minimal movie poster“

from the gallery of chungkong

LOVE! minimal movie posters. Started out of curiosity, soon became an addiction. Result: my gallery is now featuring over 300 titles! Take a look and find your favorite movie. Have fun. More at

2001: a space odyssey, a clockwork orange, alien, basic instinct, being john malkovich, cape fear, chinatown, christine, citizen x, desperado, dr. no, dr. strangelove, enter the dragon, finding nemo, full metal jacket, gone in sixty seconds, groundhog day, ice age, il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark, jackie brown, jarhead, jaws, kill bill: vol. 1, kill bill: vol. 2, le mans , moon, ocean’s eleven, ocean’s twelve, once upon a time in mexico, once upon a time in the west, papillon, paris, texas, pollock, predator, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, rocky, senna, snatch, star trek iii: the search for spock, star trek iv: the voyage home, star trek: the motion picture, star trek: the wrath of khan, star wars: episode iv – a new hope, steamboat willie, the adventures of tintin, the american, the big lebowski, the color of money, the deer hunter, the godfather, the good, the bad and the ugly, the hill, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the ipcress file, the matrix, the silence of the lambs, titanic, apocalypse now, pirates of silicon valley, the usual suspects, blade runner, legion, mad max, metropolis, the blues brothers, showgirls, fight club, hellraiser, highlander, it, 300, the lord of the rings, el laberinto del fauno- pan’s labyrinth, rocknrolla, saturday night fever, hulk, o brother, where art thou?, home, district 9, die blechtrommel – the tin drum, gojira – godzilla, monty python and the holy grail, taxi driver, deliverance, the shining, ringu, jurassic park, harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, men of honor, ghostbusters, little miss sunshine, dirty harry, total recall, you’ve got mail, weird science, jfk, the birds, lolita, machete, the fifth element, underworld, scream, resident evil, the matrix, the war of the worlds, some like it hot, platoon, purple rain, the karate kid, beverly hills cop, the philadelphia experiment, top gun, from dusk till dawn, hancock, giant, exit through the gift shop, rosemary’s baby, king kong, up, the graduate, soldier blue, la piscine, inglourious basterds , natural born killers, alice in wonderland, pink flamingos, faster, pussycat! kill! kill!, this is spinal tap, akira, the mexican, manhattan, annie hall, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, avp, american gigolo, apollo 13, trainspotting, the rocky horror picture show, star wars episode iv: a new hope, episode v: the empire strikes back, episode vi: return of the jedi, prometheus, scarface, magnolia, emmanuelle, monster inc, black swan, ratatouille, planet terror, the hobbit, boogie nights, the guns of navarone, blue velvet, twin peaks: fire walk with me, knick knack, luxo jr, life of pi, raging bull, wanted, kickboxer, do the right thing, leaving las vegas, sound city, life of brian, back to the future, django unchained, psycho, le gendarme de saint-tropez, mr & mr. smith, the lords of dogtown, moneyball, toy story,casablanca, forrest gump, perfume the story of a murderer, gangs of new york, the big bang theory, magnificent seven, the hunt for red, terminator, the seven samurai, spider-man, the lone ranger, thelma and louise, cloverfield, breakfast at tiffanys, roman holiday, the great gatsby,fast and the furious, the man who fell to earth, lara croft: tomb raider, crocodile dundee, wanye’s world, the dictator, bullit, the internship, sharknado, escape from new york, spring breakers, oblivion, pain and gain, the pantom menace, attack of the clones, revenge of the sith, the meaning of life, kung fu panda, rush, 101 dalmaitiers, animal house, westworld, thhor, seven, truman show, wall-e, scott pelgrim, robin hood, rear window, leon, inception, dumb & dumber, fantasia, memento, kingpin, shawshank redemption, merican history x, peter pan, independence day, malcom, dune, snow white, country for old, singin in the rain, office space, happy gillmore, yellow submarine, drive, four weddings and a funeral, scissorhands, lorax, american pie, dracula, pineapple express, nightmare on elmstreet, poltergeist, Moby Dick, Planet of the Apes, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Endless summer, I Robot, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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