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„Welcome to Curacao“

from the gallery of Gena Weiser

The photograph above is called a Green Iguana and was taken in Curacao at the port. I never realized until I was researching this reptile; the extensive information there is to understand these animals.
These reptiles are found mainly in the Caribbean and South America. Because people buy them as pets and then find it too difficult to take care of them, they are now considered the disposable pet. They can now be found in Key West, FL, Hawaii, and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
They can change color from green to grey and depending where they live can be any color from orange, red, blue, and pink. They have a dragon like dorsal crest, a dewlap and spines from the tip of their tail to the top of their head. They also have a parietal eye on top of their head. This is considered to be a third eye, pineal eye, or pineal gland. It basically works as a motion detector to warn them of danger above them. They have teeth that are shaped like a leaf, are flat, and have serrated edges on them. They can shred plants and even a person's skin.
Green Iguanas are agile climbers and have been known to fall 50 feet and land unharmed. They use their back claws and tail as they are falling. They are also excellent swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for up to 5 minutes. They do not use their claws at all to swim but rather their tail to propel them through the water.
Because they have salmonella, the United States has strict laws concerning importation to the states.
Last but not least; one of the most interesting facts I learned is that if an iguana is captured by its tail, it can break it off to escape the predator and rejuvenate a new one later.

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