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Red Color Posters

Red in itself is associated with danger. Any poster containing the theme of this color is therefore cautious. For the same reason, if you want to make people aware of something dangerous, red is the color to use on that poster. For the best impact, ensure that it comes as the dominant color, as much as others are used.

Reasons why bright colors make good posters

Due to its bright nature, red is eye captivating and a poster of this nature will be noticed from afar. With the color red we connect the most different things – ripe fruits, love, fire and passion. Red also stands for emotions, aggression and willpower. But red stands also for pure energy and is one of most dynamic colors in the color spectrum. On the wall red enlightens passion and makes happy. But be careful, red is very delicate to work with. Choose your poster wisely.

Reasons why the red color is attention seeking

Many people have it in their minds already that red is a sign of danger. That it stands for hatred, anger, rage, excitement, danger and the forbidden. This is unfortunately a fact that has been embraced in our society, but that's not entirely true. In China e.g. red is the color of luck and wealth, in Russia red stands for expensive and valuable, in Japan it's the color of the women. Hence, a poster of this color is suitable for all kind of different place, the bedroom, the office etc. Or opt for instance for a canvas print or framed art print.

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