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The Seychelles may not be as well known as other islands like the Bora Bora for example but it has still managed to capture the interest of many framed art collectors as well as those interested in photographic prints. An beautiful art print or poster of the Seychelles will not disappoint, as the island has a lot to offer, esthetically and from a cultural point of view. The fact that it is not as widely known should not put you off, the island is accessible to everyone and a great vacation spot.

What does the Seychelles offer?

On one hand, the Seychelles are not your average, fun in the sand islands. Of course, they have its beauty captured in many poster collections. In fact, many posters and art prints depict the Seychelles's laid back attitude and dreamlike appeal. However, the Seychelles islands are more than just a pretty spot on the map. In terms of their natural beauty, you can expect to see a diversity of spots, rock formations, green hills, tropical beaches and amazing coral reefs, to name a few. A great poster can highlight that diversity! Especially the beaches make a great motif for a poster.

Is the island worth visiting?

In a word, yes. The Seychelles, which consist of a total of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, is the place to see. It is the smallest African state, with only about 85.000 inhabitants. Therefore, you can expect to have a warm welcome here and to be invited as if in a small community. A poster can capture that family-like love of the place and give you a very interesting view on the life on the Seychelles.

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