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St. Petersburg Posters

St. Petersburg is a beautiful Russian city, close to the Baltic Sea and also home to the Neva River which traverses it. St. Petersburg has always been landmark of religiousness, even in the periods where the city was named Leningrad due to its political control at the time. Another name that the city went by was Petrograd but, no matter under what name the city went by, it was still very interesting for all sort of artists. Framed art, canvas art and art prints have always been very prominent for the city and you can find a lot of those items in our collection.

St. Petersburg – a staple of Russian beauty

St. Petersburg has always attracted visitors for its many types of buildings, interesting architectural designs on a number of different levels. As such, St. Petersburg can be found on a lot of different poster collections and other poster art. What makes St. Petersburg so prominent for poster artists is the diversity. Many buildings are interesting as the way they built while others are simply interesting as a means of their interior decoration.

St. Petersburg – the definitive Russian city

There are of course, other cities in Russia like Moscow, that could be said to be at least as interesting as St. Petersburg; however, from a certain point of view the historical events that took place here have given St. Petersburg its dominance. Thus, if you want a Russian poster collection you’d best start here. It’s just the way the city has evolved, to give poster lovers their share of beauty and design.

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