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Wonderful Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the whole World. The continent is considered to be the oldest inhibited territory and the earliest man is said to have come from Africa. After colonization, the continent was divided into many countries that still share the historical roots today. This is the continent of all sorts of wildlife and fauna. Some of the communities still depict the traditional cultures and ways of life.

Africa in a poster

The allure of capturing Africa in a poster lies in the rich cultural heritage. The intriguing arid deserts like Sahara and Kalahari make a very classic poster. The Victoria waterfall and the river meadows of the Nile are truly fascinating to see in a poster. Capturing the amazing wildlife in most game parks across the continent has attracted many artists. The tropical environment and the multicolored birds chirping in the air are spectacular to have in a poster.

Africa in print

With all the sites and the natural attractions in Africa, artists have a myriad of options when producing their art print. The beautiful landscapes bring out very stunning canvas print works too. The Masai in their traditional attires living in their natural habitat with the animals provides a very fascinating photo art and canvas prints.

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