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Digital Art Posters

Although art has been evolved from the past till now, digital art is something that was not present in the prehistoric times. It is a form of art introduced after the introduction of Photoshop. It is getting increasingly popular day by day and new names of artists are found who have created posters with the theme of digital art.

Five main types of digital art

The main types of digital art include mixed media, fractal, digital painting, vector and also pixel. Mixed media form of digital art consists of a mixture of poster and drawings and digital. However vector art uses a software to create virtual designs, and this form is used in poster for advertising purposes.

Digital Painting

Digital painting is also very famous form of digital art that involved canvas print or framed art, with painting done using oil pastels or water colors. It does not use any model generated from a computer. Poster of digital painting can be seen with a diverse collection of art print. It requires a creative mind to create paintings with water shades and pastels to create painting on the computer that is why it is known as computer art. Various effects can be created such as strokes of the paint brush and various shades that can be made on the poster with the hand. The effects are very beautiful, and people who have interest in arts and photography and moving towards this form of art to make it a part of their profession.

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