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The Empire State Building

The world famous Empire State Building is dominating in the skyline of New York, and is among the tallest skyscrapers in the USA. A modern architectural marvel, it has been recognized as a major landmarks in the USA. The Empire State Building is a stunning piece of modern architecture that represents the economic power of the New York. ARTFLAKES, has an array of art prints that capture this magnificent skyscraper. At night, The Empire State Building displays its magnificence and splendor when fully lit. It looks magnificent as a poster.

A Poster of the Empire State Building – A Piece of New York

The Empire State Building’s top is well illuminated by stunning color combinations representing different occasions. Combined with the splendid design, this makes the Empire State Building a spectacular part of the New York city skyline adding to the romance of the city. The Empire State Building has been used in movies, television and literature as scene or setting for adventure, action or romance. On some occasions, the building is lit in colors that represent major events like product launches and historical events. A poster, art print or greeting card of the Empire State Building will give you a glimpse of the magnificent city of New York.

A Poster or Art Print for Everyone

Why not bring a New York landmark to your home by purchasing, from ARTFLAKES, a poster, framed art or canvas print or send your loved ones a greeting card of the magnificent Empire State Building.

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