My oilpaintings are easy to enjoy for their beauty.
Nevertheless, they indicate multifaceted perspectives.

In these oilpaintings the viewer can immerse in striking, idiosyncratic worlds.
My way of EcoArt inspires to rediscover the relationship with nature and to discover new ways to live in a healthy relationship with our wonderful world. With the currently alarming growth in climate change, the field of EcoArt is growing rapidly today.

My exclusive dynamic-looking paintings do not only represent a stimulating aesthetic experience, but also they are capable of depicting energies and forces.
Considering this, these pictures are a portrait of the world in their global invisible contexts.
Significant is the representation of the invisible forces that make our world possible.

I sometimes try to paint the the 'metaphysical' essence of our planet earth on the canvas in the form of huge swirls and spiral fields, which take along entire land masses.
Duality and polarity become visible, resonance laws can be guessed at in these pictures. Everything is related. Maybe even one can speak of a spiritual portrait of the world?

But some paintings just show the peace and rest of the pure nature. Though they look very realistic, I paint them just by fantasy and imagination in the studio in the direct middle of Berlin, where I live and work.

What means EcoArt today for me?
At first is to say, EcoArt is a contemporary artistic movement that represents awareness of the healthy coexistence of all living beings in the unique organism 'Planet Earth'.
'Eco' is of ancient Greek origin and means 'house, settle down, home'.
Accordingly, 'EcoArt' is the art that refers to the fact that we use only a small living space of the universe.
EcoArt works to improve our relationship with nature.

So my style of EcoArt tries to hold on an awareness to the pure nature.
We're all just a small waterdrop in an ocean of aeternal time and countless species.
May God bless us.

My paintings are created with the highest quality oil colours and the best pigments to give the very best artistic and technical quality for my collectors. I always try to give you the best, thanks for your trust.
My paintings are wellknown to interested audiences all over the world.

Thanks for the attention ----------------------------------

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