Barbara Corvino

Barbara Corvino

Welcome to my world.

I’m an architect and I live in a coastal town in the North West of Italy.
I started photographing during my youth and this passion has never left me.
The transition to digital has allowed me to experiment with new subjects and techniques
and to use post-production to give form to my creativity.
Photography is a means to express myself, to show my interpretation of reality.
There is beauty in the simplicity of everyday life...
I photograph everything, everywhere..... all that I see.
My images are simple, minimalist and I’m interested especially in the composition.
I also enjoy obtaining painting and abstract effects using light, motion, blur, focus.

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Purple orchid in a vase.

Photography + textures.

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Willkommen in meiner Welt der bunten Bilder.
Inspiriert durch Mensch, Tier und der Natur.
Sie einzufangen und ein kleines Kunstwerk aus Ihnen zu zaubern, das ist mein Wunsch.
Meiner Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen, so dass jedes Bild in die Welt der Kunst gehört.

Bei allen die sich die Zeit nehmen, mir einen Kommentar schreiben, oder ein Like hinterlassen, sage ich vorab ein ganz liebes Dankeschön!!
LG Eure Chris

Lives in Chicago, United States

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Originally I studied painting and sculpture. My first photography course was undertaken primarily out of curiosity but it soon became my preferred creative medium. My favorite subject is architectural imagery, but I tend to photograph whatever captures my eye or imagination. Since I began looking through a lens, I realized that I was searching for beauty with my camera. I will always be totally fascinated by the ability to capture a fleeting magical moment of beauty through the mechanism of light passing through a lens, and then being able to hand over that same moment to someone else.

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photography art for me is capturing the way magical light interplays with life, a mountain, a blade of grass, a flower, the ocean or a bird on the wing.....
and adding my own twist in the edit

I studied fine art photography at college for a few years in the 90's...
I grew up in New Zealand but now reside in Australia.

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Colorfully buttercup.
Photography + textures.
Thank you for your attention.

Antique rose.
Photography + textures.
Thank you for your attention.

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My images are available to decorate your home, space, office or business establishment with beautiful imagery to match your style. Fine Art Prints also make wonderful gifts. Take a look at the assortment of Fine Art Prints and options that are available to match your decor, and fit your space needs.

Thank you for visiting my Gallerie and for your interest in my work. If you should have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. To aid viewing, please make use of the Sets tab.

My Fine Art Prints are shipped worldwide.

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Colorfully buttercups.
Thank you for your attention.

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Freelance photographer, living and working in Italy and in Germany.

I love every aspect of photography therefore I don't want to commit myself to a single topic. There are a lot of different things that I'm interested in. I don't have a typical style.
Besides photography I also like painting and especially collage.

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Dry tulip.
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I like to take photos with a certain simplicity and serenity to them. This can be photos of nature, but a city like Paris or just simple objects inspire me as well in making these serene images.

I make abstract work as well. With those images I want to stimulate people to look at things in a different way. A new perspective can change the way you feel and think about yourself and other people, as well as the way you act.

Das Wichtigste für mich ist, sehen zu lernen.

Die Oberflächlichkeit von Dingen zu durchdringen.

Sich der tatsächlichen Schönheit zu nähern.

Zu mir selbst zu kommen,
meine eigene Mitte zu finden
durch den Zauber der Motive,
die sich mir nach und nach öffnen,
wenn ich bereit bin,
mich ihnen mit Geduld und Einfühlungsvermögen zu nähern.

Nicht alles gelingt perfekt,
aber alles ist entstanden aus dem Respekt vor dem,
was auf meinen Bildern dargestellt ist.

Dem Betrachter wünsche ich all das,
was ich selbst beim Fotografieren
und beim Betrachten der Fotos empfinde:

Das Staunen über die unerschöpflichen Wunder der Schöpfung - der natürlichen und der geschaffenen Dinge...

Das größte Wunder, das ich immer wieder erlebe:

Nichts gleicht dem anderen.
Alles ist einmalig und einzigartig.

Nichts ist zu Ende.
Alles ist im Werden und Entstehen.

Alles darf sich weiterentwickeln
durch das Auge des Betrachters.

Viel Freude euch allen beim Anschauen meiner Bilder!

Amateur photographer.. anything from bugs to flowers.

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Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for your attention.

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Red buttercup in a vase.