Bjorn  Sjogren

Bjorn Sjogren

Born in Sweden and living in the USA since 2001. First 10 years in Wisconsin and since 2011 in Texas. I create pictures using my life experiences, often mingled with my present inner feelings and a kind of Scandinavian simplicity of design. The title is placed beneath the image to let the words interact with the design above – the viewer’s brain then produces the full picture. How long does it take me to make one of my pieces? A lifetime – all my experiences have shaped the way I create.

In the 26 years since I started to paint, I have heard comments that my work looks like or reminds people of Picasso, Matisse, Monet etc. While it could be regarded as flattering to be compared with such Masters, I should point out that I have never studied these artists' ways of expressions. In fact, I have never attended an art class or studied art history. I did attend a drawing class briefly, to get the hang of how to draw the human body with correct proportions etc, but the class bored me and I left it....

Looking back at my art, I realize that many of the individual pieces are time documents of my whereabouts in life. This is the way I paint. Each piece is original. And just like my life, it never gets boring...

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