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Carlo Braga

Carlo Braga

Photography is way more than photoshop. It's a way of life, through the lens of real beauty.

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by carlo_bee

Office days while the sun is shinning... :-P
by carlo_bee

Surf school in action.
by carlo_bee

in Ferragudo.
by carlo_bee

Fiz os meus dias assim.
by carlo_bee

Way after the golden hour and into the sunset.
by carlo_bee

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Some of my personal favorites from my portfolio - I'm a hobby photographer from Frankfurt, Germany. I love to shoot architecture, animals (especially cats), macros and travel shots of any kind.

I prefer wide angle photos to get some unique angles and views of the subjects. I often use HDR to enhance the scene. I don't like to carry bulky stuff so all I use is a Sony NEX-6, preferable with the SEL1018 wide angle zoom lens and a tiny RX100. I don't even own a tripod so most of my shots are handheld or the camera is placed on the ground somewere

If you like my work don't hesiate to add something to your cart ;).

Regards from Frankfurt

Pierre Aden

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Young artist that loves to photograph, retouch and illustrate. If you would like to know something about my photographes or illustrations just let me know

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London based filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer.

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I am a part time freelance photographer located in Moscow, Russia.
I've been involved with photography since my childhood i.e. over 20 years. Photography used to be my hobby for a long time and turned to a part-time job a few years ago.
Recently I became interested in digital illustration and watercolor painting

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Grafik Design & Malerei

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Roberto Gagliardi,

Roberto,born in Italy,1949, Abruzzi region, lived most of his life in Rome.
Roberto is an Italian and Australian Citizen.
Painting has been Roberto's passion since youth and in the course of life, his interest in the figurative arts has been always very present.
Roberto studied Art in Rome and traveled the Italian country extensively, visiting Art Galleries and Museums where he could admire the great masterpieces of the most renowned Masters of the past.
Italy, as most people know, is a country that has given birth to great artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Titian,and great works of painting, sculpture and architecture are
everywhere, in cities and villages, so that we could say that the country is like an open air exposition of art and beauty. Just think of Rome, Florence, Venice.....
Roberto has developed a keen passion for representing Italian Villages and Landscapes, that is why has created this website where you can find some of his recent art work.
In the course of time,Roberto has worked as textile fashion designer in Rome, Como, Milan and also produced hand painted gifts-ware ,murals ,and fabric designs, in Italy and Australia.
In the site you will find some paintings of recent production, that we hope will give you an idea of Roberto's love for his country of origin and the warmth atmosphere of its Tuscany villages.

Roberto loves very much his new country, Australia, and the intense colours and beauty of the Australian land.
If you like what you see in this site, please contact Roberto for works on commission, especially tailored to your needs and desires, for paintings ,murals, frescoes, or hand painted mirrors and gift-ware.

Roberto owns another personal website :

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Fotografieren ist eine Kunst... und reine Geschmacksache

Weitere Bilder von mir finden Sie unter der Fewo Markt für die Insel Vir.

Meine Bilder unterliegen alle dem Urheberrecht!

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I like cats, and taking photos of my surroundings.
Mostly cats.
Art is one of my favorite past times.

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Photographer, Abstract Expressionist Painter, Poet, residing in France.
Beaux-Art in France
Photographer's Diploma in London,UK

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Fotograf in Stuttgart

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Young photographer based in England. Specialises in portraiture, events and fine art photographic prints.