Charlotte Winroth

Charlotte Winroth


Greetings... that sounds like something Gandalf would say, doesn't it?
Well, I thought it best to say so, since there is no knowing whether it is a good morning or good evening where you are.

There is also no knowing who you might be, at least not for me...!
I might sound like an old granny now, but the internet really is a miracle. You're propably not from the same country as me (Sweden) and your culture is bound to be different. My culture is a shy and silent one, but I try my best to be brave and loud.

So - every day culture. How big breakfast should be (and how chocolaty) or how late dinner can be eaten (and how fast) is only the most miniscule of differences in our experiences of life.

That is why I find it so interesting... what do YOU, stranger, see in my art?

Does my colour for joy look like death in your eyes?
Is the motif something you've seen often or never before? Are we kindred, beyond nationality or culture, in what we find beautiful and important?

I am delighted to show you what I've painted and I'm holding my breath for your interpretations. It really is a pity I can't watch you as you browse my creations. Some spectrum of my dreaming and imagening is bound to resound in you and those you will spot immediately.

On you can easily leave a message in my guestbook.
That would be such a thrill to me!

Please share your opinions, they come from somewhere I've never been!

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I am a young artist from Germany. I live and work in Berlin. My artwork comprises graphics, paintings, conceptual designs as well as their practical realization. I am influenced by many things as music, books, theatre and all the ordinary things around. If you like my artwork you can find more of them and further information about me at

Welcome to my gallery!

Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)

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Elena Mir is a graphic/web and multimedia designer, artist and illustrator based in Spain.

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Dirk h. Wendt creates his works with graphic design methods and skills as well as with the aid of digital techniques. His starting materials are photographs and other original media.
He has named his unique form of computer art d.ART.

Typical for the WENDT CREATIVE COLLECTION is the structured highlighting of natural shapes and colours, or at other points a deliberate blurring of details that recalls watercolour paintings. The resulting colour spectrums and pigment fracturing create fascinating, fresh nuances and striking new aspects. The pictures come with a highly decorative quality that unfolds its full effect above all in large formats.

Originally from Oldenburg in northern Germany, Dirk h. Wendt studied in Berlin and today lives and works in Dietzenbach-Steinberg in central Germany.
Even as a child he was keen on drawing – inspired by his father’s sketchbooks. Later, at grammar school, his art teachers Heino Johannsen and Hein Bredendiek – themselves noted artists – trained both his artistic eye and his practical skills. He continued professionally in the same vein, qualifying first as a typesetter and typographer, then gaining a diploma in Marketing and Communications at the Staatl. Akademie für Grafik, Druck und Werbung in Berlin.
His work in communications led to further burst in inspired design and creativity. It also spurred his delight in bold, attractive and also unusual subject matter.


Dirk h. Wendt erschafft seine bildlichen Kreationen mit grafischen Mitteln und Fähigkeiten sowie mit Hilfe digitaler Techniken aus Fotos und anderen Werkstoff-Vorlagen.
Für diese eigene ComputerArt steht sein Kürzel d.ART.

Typisch bei der WENDT CREATIVE COLLECTION sind die strukturelle Akzentuierung natürlicher Formen und Farben oder auch die bewusste, aquarellähnliche Vernachlässigung der Details - was in der Farbpalette und den Pigmentaufbrüchen oft überraschend neue Nuancen und furiose Facetten von hoher dekorativer Wirkung offenbart; vor allem in großen Formaten.

Dirk h. Wendt hat seine Wurzeln im norddeutschen Oldenburg, in Berlin studierte er, in Dietzenbach-Steinberg nahe Frankfurt lebt und arbeitet er heute.
Schon in der Kindheit zeichnete er – angeregt durch die Skizzenbücher seines Vaters. Im Gymnasium wurde er von seinen Kunsterziehern Heino Johannsen und Hein Bredendiek – seinerzeit auch namhafte Maler – handwerklich und visuell geschult und gefördert. Das setzte sich logisch fort in der Ausbildung zum Schriftsetzer und Typographen und danach zum Diplom-Werbewirt an der Staatl. Akademie für Grafik, Druck und Werbung in Berlin.
Der Beruf in der Kommunikationswirtschaft führte dann noch intensiver zu einfallsreicher Gestaltung und Kreation. Und steigerte die Freude an beeindruckenden, ansprechenden und auch außergewöhnlichen Motiven.

Curiosity killed the camera?

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"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and the friendly comments !!!
.............and please don't use the facebook "Like Button" !!!

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I am 24 years young.

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Geboren am 20.03.73 in Wiltz (L)

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Thank you for visiting my fine artworks webpage. I am excited to have you here! Following is brief bio of myself and my work, so please read on...

I am a lifelong artist and career graphic designer. I have a degree in Commercial Art with a minor in Illustration.

I currently do a vastly diverse selection of freelance work from hand drawn traditional illustrations, computer generated photo collages, and graphical logo designs to website & blog design, setup and management services.

I love to be creative in everything I do and get all of my inspiration from the world around me -- mainly nature and all the awesome things it encompasses.

I hope you enjoy my work you find here at ARTFLAKES and that it inspires you when you have it displayed in your personal space.

If you would like some form of artwork or graphics that you cannot acquire here, please do visit my website. I have a full bio, gallery and business information easily available to my visitors there.