Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake

I love making photos, and doing video work. I continue to increase my skills in photography and visual effects through classes and workshops. I live and work in the Netherlands and love to travel and I am steadily increasing my travel photography portfolio. In addition, I spend a lot of time in the studio working on food photography. I sell most of my work through stock agencies, as well as doing freelance assignments in photography and video production and fine art print sales.

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Whole vegan polenta pizza with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and red onions. Close up with pizza slicer out of focus in the background, horizontal orientation.

Fresh tortilla chips with pico de gallo and fresh limes in foreground, guacamole and a margarita in the background.

Bunches of colorful carrots at the market ready for sale.

Colorful peppers strung and hanging in market.

Worn and weathered brick wall with ventilation at Hampton Court in London England.

Ingredients for polenta recipe, with polenta in wooden bowl with sliced tomatoes, spinach and red onions.

Glass bowl of sliced cherry tomatoes with other ingredients including red onion slices, all to the left side of image with wooden table top to right providing copy space. Horizontal image.

Slice of fresh whole wheat bread with olives, hummus and sun dried tomatoes.

Wooden scoop of kalamata olives.

Kalamata olives in a small wooden bowl

Creamy hummus spread on healthy whole wheat toast

Fresh baked heart shaped cookies on cooling rack.

Cinnamon roll on plate with napkin, from directly above.

Dark Chia seeds on wooden spoon. Heart healthy source of omega-3s

European Larch close up with selective focus, in springtime

Making sprouts, lentil sprouts in wooden spoon with jar.

Charlotte Lake has uploaded Flat Peach

Close Up of flat peach on top of pile.

Mangetout pea seeds in packet, ready to be planted.