Artist Statement
for Christiane Behrmann
South Africa

Full time Spirit Artist since 1980
Expressionist, Symbolist and Mystic multi media artist.
Private Esoteric Art School and Gallery since 1991.
Specialized in Private and Corporate Spirit Guides.

Crisman Art is about channelling messages from the universe via visual art mostly hidden behind mysteries with a “twinkle in the eye”. It’s for the viewer to find his/her message. “Remember Who You Are and what You Know”, through joyful expression of the spirit inside forms of consciousness in all life. Teach self-empowerment and soul-art, self-love of the playful “Inner Child Within” joined with our Creator through art.

Participated in 56 group and had 13 solo exhibitions mainly in Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg Carlton Hotel and Carlton Panorama Roof Top 100th Birthday of Johannesburg 1986. Solo in San Diego California via the “St.Gotthard Investment” group “The New Millennium”, when my sculptures and paintings were evaluated. Belongs to the late Engineer Dr. J.P. Gous who bought it for his wife 1990, who is also the inventor of the first two heart pace makers working with Prof. Chris Barnard in Cape Town 1968/9. John always believed in my art and supported me since 1970. The collection now belongs to his widow Mrs. Lorette Gous.

Our late son’s dream “Touched by Marcus Behrmann” was the founding of Earth ship housing, solar energy and water purification for villages of poor communities to sustain themselves. The MBF project was successfully launched by Director Mr. James Lech, and on 1.3.2008, the ANC donated 1 ha land in Soweto. (Clients were Vodacom, Incredible Connections, to name a few). Marcus was specialized in photo manipulations via Adobe Photoshop.

In general it’s all about the transformation from negativity (darkness) into happiness (light) via creative expressions. This inner fulfillment through art and new inventions enriches our “Being” and brings us in tune with the Universe. It taught me great respect and humbleness during any creative process whilst admiring “God’s Great Work”.
Hugs from Christiane

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