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Dan Richards

Dan Richards

I am a self taught Photographer. I work with out-door, wildlife, and art photography mostly, but do some street photography as well. I dabble in Digital art and fractal art. My fractals are created using two different programs, and manipulating them to what I feel are creative and interesting pieces of art.
I use XaoS to create the background fractal, working and manipulating the pieces can take 2 to 5 hours. And then use JWildfire to create a stereo 3d fractal overlay, and each piece usually takes between 3 to 5 hours to finish. I then finalize them in Corel PaintPro X7, which can take up to two hours to finish the final work. Although the fractals may look simple, then require a lot of work, both on my part, and computer rendering, which is the longest part.
My photography, is done by a lot of travel to find places to shoot my shots. As any photographer can tell you, none of us just walk outside and shoot, we all do a lot of traveling to get our shots. Please enjoy my work, and I hope very much you do.

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