Fabrizio Galuppi

Fabrizio Galuppi

Italian photographer based in Freiburg (Germany).
Portrait, Abstract, Nude & Sensual, Reportage, Retouch, Digital & Analog Photography...

Born in Rome 1966. I started with reportage photography (B&W, film-developing and printing) during a trip to Vietnam on 1990. From 1991 to 1995 I exhibited my pictures in some solo and collective exhibitions in Italy. In 1996 I started a close collaboration with a Fine Art Photo Studio in Rome where I improved all the techniques about developing and printing with many types of cameras and films: 35mm, 4,5x6/6x6 and 13x18 optical bank. By this Photo Studio I worked in all areas of commercial photography: wedding, advertising, portrait, editorial and art catalogues. From 2000 to 2007 I was the manager of this Photo Studio about digital shootings and image editing. Since 2007 I live in Freiburg (Germany), where I began my experimentations with nude and sensual photography.
I'm still working as a photographer in both areas of commercial and artistic photography (not only nude, but also landscapes, portrait, abstract and nature).

I do not claim to have found any particular recipe, secret or inspiration for the creation of my art-images.
I simply follow my instinct, my emotions, and the emotions of my models.
What I try to do is condense and enhance these moments in a picture, with the hope to transmit them to the viewer and capture his attention for more than a brief moment.

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