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Jürgen Keil

Computer scientist, artist

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New Subway station at Chlodwigplatz Cologne Germany

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I am Michael DeBlanc, Photographer and Artist.
All of my work originates from my photography.
I reside in Louisiana, USA. Most of my photography is from there. I enjoy a wide range of subjects so I do not have a special "niche" or "style" that can be traced to me.
I use Photoshop CC to enhance and perfect my beloved images.

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Cologne Germany

Jürgen Keil has uploaded Escalator

Cologne Germany
Subway station at Chlodwigplatz
Glass Escalator

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... captured moments! ... see more:


Einige der hier gezeigten Motive gibt es auch als Kalender direkt im Shop www.fotobar.de/calvendo-ursfoto
oder bei www.calvendo.de/galerie/autor/ursfoto

Ich freue mich sehr, wenn meine Motive gefallen!
... thank you for liking my artwork!

Photo taken in the lagoon of Aveiro in Portugal

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Kölner Philharmonie
Bühne ud Publikumsind sichtbar und korrekt belichtet. Man erkennt, dass die Dekkenkonstruktion anders beleuchet wird.

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Fog on rhine, with clear view of the Cologne cathedral.

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Junge Frau, lächelnd, Fokus auf die Augen, geringe Tiefenschäfe, Ringlicht

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Junge Frau, Mädchen, Fräulein, Lachend, Haare verdecken das halbe Gesicht, DOF, Fokus auf die Augen

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I'm a passionate artist and photographer

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I'm a self-taught and passionate landscape & nature photographer. I love the outdoors and being outdoors, and I try to be there with my camera, and often. I was born in Germany in 1971 and currently live in the greater San Diego area in Southern California.

I've always been fond of making photos, but what really got me started was using a DSLR for the first time - that was late 2006. I've learned a lot since then, and I hope it shows in my photos. My passion is the beauty that lies in the "little scenes" - because beauty and the enchantment of light is all around us, all the time. I'm trying to capture it with the camera.

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Hand throws two dices on a backgammon board. The dices show motion blur, the rest ist perfectly sharp.

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Joshua tree at the desert

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Panorama of Cologne. Original images size 7537*2510 pixels. Created with a shift lens and therefore this panorama is not stitched an contains no distortions through lens processing.