Jacqueline Schreiber

Jacqueline Schreiber

I love digital painting .... abstrakt and watercolor painting.

Standing in front of my easel space and time become secondary matter.

Again and again it’s fascinating for me to experience how colors harmonize and develop to expressions of my thoughts/feelings.
The fact that the completed work doesn’t appeal to each and every one... well that’s art!
Even in kindergarten I couldn’t resist the challenge by my first colored pencils. In school they were followed by the paint box, the charcoal and the wax crayons. There was no time where I didn’t work with color.

Over the years I discovered acryl for my work, pure or diluted as a glaze.
But I still stuck to watercolors because I really came to appreciate my paint box. It’s amazing how much can be expressed by just this medium. I love the interaction between the water and the color. Whether mixed with acrylic in an abstract way or just pure the vibrancy of this material is huge.

Nowadays, I like to switch between different materials – watercolor, acrylic or pastel.
For reference I rely on books of Vincent Van Gogh as well as Constable & Braque.

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