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F R O H E O S T E R N,
wünsche ich allen Besuchern meiner Seite.

Meine große Leidenschaft ist die Natur. In meinen Bildern versuche ich, mit fröhlichen Farben,ihre Schönheit einzufangen.
Der Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeiten liegt im Aquarell, dabei
interessieren mich nicht nur Pflanzen und Tiere, sondern ganz alltägliche Dinge wie der Sonnenschein, Licht und Schatten oder das Glitzen eines Regentropfen.
Seit ich zu malen angefangen habe sehe ich die Welt mit anderen Augen!
Meine Bilder finden Sie auch unter: ,auch Kalender 2012

Brandon Friend was born in Flushing, NY on April 20, 1980. He attended The University of Maryland College Park in 1998 where he studied in the Honors Art Program and received a BA degree in Fine Art. In 2002, Friend began his professional career with two solo exhibitions in Washington, D.C and Baltimore, MD. In 2008, he received his MFA degree in Fine Art from CUNY Queens College and currently works in his Long Island City studio. Friend’s works have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including Seattle, WA; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX; Short Hills, NJ; New York, New York. In 2011 and 2012 his works were showcased with Lambert Arts in Fountain Art Fair, NY and Fountain Art Fair, Miami. He has been featured in several print and online publications such as The Washington Post, The Knight News, Working Class Magazine, The Daily Record, The Pitch Kansas City, Radar,,,,, and

I am a professional photographer living in Ireland. Please feel free to have a look at My website :
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Well... Lets just say the smell of paint puts a broad smile on my face! :D
I am an Indian Textile design student. Painting is my passion.

Aditya Sakha Kusuma is a photographer who is focus of nature and wildlife photography. live in Indonesia and very proud of it .he started doing photography when he was around 17 years old and still learning till now to become a professional photographer. he likes animal very much and that is why most of his photograph are a photo of animal.
his camera gears are :
1. Canon 7D
2. Tokina 12-24mm
3. Sigma 70-300mm APO
4. Sigma 50mm macro

Image Composer and Photographer !