Mati Klarwein

Mati Klarwein

Abdul Mati Klarwein was born in Hamburg on the 9th of April 1932, to a Jewish architect father from Polish origins, and a German opera singer mother. The three of them fled to Palestine when he was two years old after the rise of Nazi Germany.

“I am only half German and only half Jewish with an Arab soul and a African heart”

(Later for a time Mati adopted the name of Abdul Mati Klarwein: "He wanted to have both a Muslim and a Jewish name: he was the healer," said a friend).

In 1948, Mati and his mother moved to Paris where he enrolled at the Académie Julian having previously dropped out of school in Israel and been sent at the age of 15 to an Art college in Jerusalem. He later studied with painter Fernand Léger, who introduced him to the art of Salvador Dalí, Buñuel, and the world of surrealism. Later in his life, he befriended Dalí, writing about his bizarre encounters with Salvador’s sexual behaviours in his book “Collected Works 1959-1975”. In Paris, he also met Viennese fantastic realist painter Ernst Fuchs."Ernst insisted on teaching me his mixed technique of Van Eyck and the Flemish school. I learned it in one week and sold every one of my paintings ever since."

With Paris as his base Mati spent long periods of time traveling, painting portraits during summers in Saint Tropez and, together with his father, who had recently won the competition to build Israel’s Parliament, the Kneset, he started to build a house in the small village of Deia, Majorca, having fallen in love with this place during a short visit, invited by archeologist Bill Waldren. In Deia he also became good friends with the poet Robert Graves, who was followed by many other artists who settled in this small community.

Klarwein moved to New York in 1965. By then his work was considered to be inspired by surrealism and the so-called psychedelic movement of the time. However, it was more his extensive traveling and wide interests of non-Western deities and symbolism that inspired his art more than the use of psychedelic drugs. His friend Timothy Leary once stated, that judging the character of his paintings, “Mati didn’t need psychedelics!” During his New York years he created paintings such as Bitches Brew, commissioned by Miles Davis for his landmark album of the same title. He also completed many portraits of people such as John F. Kennedy, his friend Jimi Hendrix and other important characters of the time, and finished his large scale project, The Aleph Sanctuary, a cubic temple of all religions, featuring 68 paintings, representing some Biblical passages such as “Anunciation” (1961) (later used by Santana for the cover of his best selling album, Abraxas), “Crucifixion” (1963-1965) represented by a highly sexual tree of life which caused quite a turmoil within the puritan white establishment as well as with the black panthers, “Nativity”(1962), “Grain of Sand” (1963-1965), and many other of Mati’s best known paintings. Later, Klarwein was forced to dismantle his Chapel and sell the paintings individually for economical reasons. The chapel was rebuilt in 1992 using aluminum structures to hold Plexiglas reproductions lit by rows of fluorescent tubes.

Mati settled in Deia in the early 80’s, working from his studio and home up in the northern costal mountains, surrounded by the landscapes that he so admired and painted in such astonishing detail as may be seen in his collection of “real-estate paintings” or “inscapes”. Also during these years, he created a number of “improved paintings” a collection that he had begun in the 1970’s, where he would purchase unwanted paintings in thrift stores and flea markets and bring them back to life by “improving” or recycling them, adding his own brush strokes to the originals, giving them a new meaning, often humorous, and if placed, always sharing both artists signatures.

Still best known for his art of the 1960s and 1970s, (featured in a vast collection of important album covers). Mati also worked more conventionally across a variety of genres including still life, landscape, and commissioned portraits. The amount of these are considerable, from Brigitte Bardot to Leonard Bernstein, Richard Gere, Geraldine Chaplin. Robert Graves, Peggy Hitchcock, Nan Kempner, Florence Van der Kemp, Yussef Lateef, Donyale Luna, the Mellon family, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Carmen Rossi, and many more...

Klarwein had two daughters and two sons.
Mati passed away on the 7th of March of 2002 in his home in Mallorca.

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Casiegraphics is currently living in Berlin, London & Munich.
please visit:

Casie takes much inspiration from nature, the animal kingdom and marine life and drawing such is and always has been her passion. Typically armed with a camera, Casie can often be seen roaming around numerous zoos and aquariums indulging in her passion of photography. By doing this Casie aims to capture and hi-light the natural beauty and pure essence of life in each species (especially the tropical and sweet-water fishes of Asia) which she can later echo in her art. Casie's grandfather who was part of the after war informal art movement in the 40's and 50's in Germany played an instrumental role in her life. The distinct drippy and colourful experimental abstractism of his work is something which Casie has strived to sustain in her own art. Her graphic elements and use of bright colour, drips and bubble style are a result of many years spent experimenting with spray techniques and colour combinations in the graffiti scene. The distinct linear style and papercut technique was specifically developed whilst studying for her degree and this progression can be seen in her publication 'Winged Words' which was an illustrated collection of creature quotations attempting to exhibit the benefits of vegetarianism whilst also attempting to make a broader statement about morality and the treatment of animals by humans. Since her move to Berlin, Casie has moved away from papercut and now works mainly with acrylic, markers, ink, spray cans, canvas and wood. Nothing challenges Casie more than taking an ordinary object and customising it with her artwork transforming it and thus giving it new meaning.
Casiegraphics ultimate aim is to create works of art that depict the realism of the animal kingdom, marine life and their surrounding habitats in a happy, colourful, uplifting and fanciful way whilst still attempting to maintain an urban feel.

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas) 200 x 200 cm (4 panels of 100 x 100 cm)

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)

249 x 238 cm

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)

80 x 120 cm

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas) 172 x 172 cm

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)

55 x 38 cm

I was born in France in Paris. When I turned 16. I enrolled in a preparatory school ( Atelier Beaudry) for Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs de Paris and studied there two years. Then I entered Ecole Des Arts Decoratifs School. I studied for four years there and afterwards went to Italy for a year of specialized studies at the Vatican and Villa Borgese. All together I studied art for almost eight years.
It was not long before I was sent to paint for a book publisher in Los Angeles. I painted there for the BBT for ten years, along with seven other artists.
While working for the BBT and later Mandala Media, I also went to India and spent four months at an art school in Madras where I studied transcendental proportions – amongst other things I learned that the bodily proportions for Vishnu differ from those of Shiva, other demigods, men, goddesses etc. Those studies helped me understand a bit more about traditional Vedic art.
My work has been exhibited a bit all over the world: USA, France, India. I am currently showing at the Time and Space gallery and the Streisand art foundation in Bangalore, India. And I also do illustrations for books and magazines.
I am what you call an oil painter. I almost exclusively paint in oils and now also paint digitally. I also painted quite a few portraits, as well as some commissioned art.
After many years of artistic accomplishments, I find that I still prefer to paint the mystical aspect of the world; even so I am also capable to paint a plein air piece or a portrait quite successfully.
I am a full-time artist, and greatly appreciate all sales!
If you are interested in the original art works please contact me through email.
I also have my own website at: 
I am happy to do commissioned portrait, drawings and paintings.

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Roz McQuillan graduated from R.M.I.T. with the Diploma of Illustration, and worked in children’s book illustration for many years. She has a passionate interest in portraits and the figure, and works in a number of mediums, including pastel, charcoal and conte, pen and ink, gouache, watercolour, acrylics, pencil, photography, mixed media, and currently, oils.
Her work, including commissioned portraits and nudes, is represented in many private collections, both Australian and International, and she has won a number of prizes and Highly Commendeds.

Recent awards include ~
Best in Show, Brighton Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 2009 and 2010
Highly Commended, Aust. Guild of Realist Artists Summer Show 2009
Best Painting by a Bayside Artist, Porsche Bayside Art Show 2010
Selected finalist in the Alice Bale Art Prize 2008 & 2010
Best Nude or Portrait, Brighton Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 2011
Roz convenes a life-drawing group at Brighton Art Society, and has studied oil painting with Peter Churcher, Lee Machelak, and Maxwell Wilkes, and drawing with Harold Freedman, Geoff Dupree and Godwin Bradbeer.

‘I developed a love of drawing as a child, when I first drew my aging auntie in the bath.
I have always been fascinated by people, their character and the individuality of their faces, which has led to my passionate interest in portraits and figurative work. My nudes are real people, not generic or idealized. I strive to capture the essence of a person and their uniqueness. My other fascination is with the drama of light, and the way it shapes and changes objects, enhances composition, and creates mood.’

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Sehr geehrter Kunstliebhaber,

ich arbeite mit der Natur, den Jahreszeiten, dem ständig wechselnden Licht und den damit verbundenen Gegebenheiten. Das frisch geschlüpfte hellgrüne Buchenblatt inspiriert mich im Frühling, die kräftig grün-gelb-blauen Farben zur Jahresmitte, zum Sommerhöchststand, im Juni; die schwefelgelbe Sonne sowie die reifen, wogenden Felder im Hochsommer, die ocker-gelben, abgeernteten Felder genauso wie die prallroten Ebereschen im Frühherbst, wenn die Sonne bereits schwächer wird, und nicht zuletzt der wunderbar bunte Herbstwald, wenn alles in der Natur nochmals aufglüht, bevor es dem jahreszeitlich bedingten Absterben und der darauf folgenden braun-grau-weißen Winterruhe entgegengeht.

Meine künstlerischen Wurzeln liegen im Impressionismus, und entwickeln sich in Richtung gegenständlicher Expressionismus. Themen: Landschaft im Rhythmus der Jahreszeiten, Bäume als figürliche Metapher, Wald als Spiegel der Seele, als Abbild des Mütterlichen/Maternalen, der Heimat, sowie der Geborgenheit, aber auch als Spiegel des Undurchdringlichen, der Wildnis und der Verwirrung, bis hin zum Abweisenden, Bedrohlichen, Feindlichen. Ab und zu verirren sich auch Menschen in meine Landschaften. - Die Basis für mein Werk habe ich mit einem einjährigen Zeichenstudium geschaffen.


Gaby Steinbach

Sie finden meine Bilder derzeit hier:

Vergangene Ausstellungen:
2011: 14.11. - 23.12.: Kulturhaus Zanders, Bergisch-Gladbach, Gemälde und Zeichnungen.
28.10. - 15.11.: 7. Kalk-Kunst, Gemälde und Zeichnungen.
14.10. - 6.11.: Chorweiler Handwerkerhof, Zeichnungen und Gemälde.
12.9. - 5.11: Café Mittendrin, 15 Zeichnungen und Ölgemälde.
29.5. - 1.6.:Dellbrücker Kunstmeile, Ölgemälde, Zeichnungen
10. - 19. 3: Rathausgalerie Leverkusen, ca 15 Zeichnungen und Ölbilder
Januar/Februar: Hinterhofsalon, Köln, ca 40 Zeichnungen Graphit und Tusche.
2010: 14. - 28.11:Galerie Scratch-art, Köln
Juni/Sept.: Gemeinschaftsausstellung Artists for Freedom, Rathaus Bensberg
April/Mai: Offene Ausstellungswochen,

Links zu Videos bei youtube:
1. Zeichnungen 2010:
2. Ölgemälde 2011:

My name is Tom and I am a freelance photographer living near Seattle, Washington. I am a nature lover and avid hiker. I primarily shoot the beautiful mountains and waterfalls located in areas such as Mt. Rainier National Park, Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Site, and the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

I also do location and studio work involving portraits, cosplay, themed shoots, and nudes. I enjoy working with the models who help me on my projects.

Images from my fantasy series are created in CS5 from images I have taken. The only exception is wings, which have been created for me by other artists.

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)

80 x 80 cm

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