Myungja Anna Koh

Myungja Anna Koh

"Thank you for buying my artwork! "
In 2011, she debuted as an artist through Poly Gallery in Germany. Since she started her career as an artist, she had presented her works to a number of solo and group exhibitions in Germany and France. After having moved to New York in 2013, she has been continuing her artistic activity and presenting her works in many exhibitions around Long Island. She is living and working in Stony Brook, New York.
Her artworks are based to reflect her thoughts and inner self-using colorful touch and stroke. She would like to express the color mixed with one’s individual feelings and emotions.


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Myungja Anna Koh has uploaded The two, 2023

Myungja Anna Koh has uploaded For you, 2023, 2023, watercolor, 2022, acrylic and golden foil, watercolor, 2022, 2022, watercolor, 2022 acrylic and watercolor