Patricia Santos

Patricia Santos

Hi. I'm a graphic and web designer, and also an illustrator and artist from Portugal, living in Estoril. I work mainly as a freelancer, love design, love art, love reading, love to learn new things and always doing something new.

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A cookie princess with a very oval shape face, in an autumn scene, holding a bird in hands and a nest in the hair, wearing a orange dress.

I thought of this portrait of a black woman with a rainbow hair, to bring joy to your day.

Lady in the night, looking at the starss, moon and nebula at the sky, circular style with a kind of art noveuax vibe.

A symmetrical drawing with a cat in a forest, with greenery and mushrooms.

Patricia Santos has uploaded Sea Cat

A kind of Art Noveaux theme mixing cats and sea, waves, fishes, starfishs, octupus, shell, and blue gradient on background.

Patricia Santos has uploaded Sun Cat

A graphic illustration featuring a cat in the center with the sun and ocean elements, like waves, starfishes, shells...

Patricia Santos has uploaded Cat Stack

A colorful and graphic cat pattern with very crazy ans strange cats

One of the more beautiful beaches of Portugal, in Algarve region. A stormy sky and great sunlight. In the beach a person walks alone.

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