Paula  Belle Flores

Paula Belle Flores

My art is all about storytelling with a bit of surreal sometimes, a bit of vintage some other times. I do whatever crosses my mind but almost always trying to tell a story.

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This lost pup finally found a family!
He found solace and comfort in the embrace of a motherly he

Digital painting of a mother hen protecting a puppy and two chicks.

A cat sleeping on a cloud with mice all around her

In a forest, not so far away, there's a little owl that doesn't fear anything, anyone, not even a bear, as long as he's asleep...

A cute dog that believe he is a meerkat among his meerkat friends

Grumpy Owl, Silly Owl
A digital wo owls, side by side, one young, innocent, silly and the other one, old, serious, wise and a bit grumpy

I'll start this year with a painting of an owl as it symbolizes luck and prosperity, wisdom and knowledge, change and transformation. Owl is also a symbol of being able to navigate any darkness in our life!
The butterfly (for this painting I chose the owl butterfly) is symbolic of rebirth after death, it is a metaphor of transformation and hope so it is a nice addition to this painting.
May this painting bring you everything you need!

A cute funny sparrow that like doing splits as he's a Van Damme fan :)

A cute dog is singing while his best friend is dancing, butterflies flying in the air

Cute chubby little dog holding her plush toy friend

A cute dog taking a nap on his back on a Victoria Lotus Leave. Digital Paint.

A cute sloth in a hot air balloon having the adventure of his life, flying around the world. He is a Jules Verne fan for sure!

Love... Couple stargazing in the middle of a field, their cute dog sitting quietly nearby, lots of crickets chirping around. Hear the sound, feel the breeze, watch the stars...

Couple stargazing in the middle of a field, lots of crickets chirping around. Hear the sound, feel the breeze, watch the stars...

A steampunk love spaceship taking two lovers across the universe in their love journey

A cute bear cub wanting to befriend a little bee by offering her a flower

A cute bee offering honey to a cute bear cub

A friendly bear who feeds the bees

Somewhere on this planet, there's a magical bee lover lady, who provides shelter and food for every bee in need (and there are many, considering all the pesticides used in today's agriculture). She travels around the world with a beehive on her head surrounded by cherry blossom branches that never wither.