Pierre Wetzel

Pierre Wetzel

Pierre Wetzel is a Freelance Photographer since the early 2000s. Works regularly published in newspapers and in regional, national and international magazines.

Constant work with agencies for communication, internet and publicity. Closely associated with “Longueur d’Ondes”, a popular music magazine, widely distributed in France (100 000 copies) and in Quebec (15 000 copies) and for which he has done numerous concert reportings and special portraits of artists like Bashung, Manu Chao, Pixies, Noir Désir, Iggy Pop and many more.

Specializing in virtual visit photographing with over 1000 real estate objects recorded throughout the region of Aquitaine and all over France and beyond (Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, America (New-York) and Russia).

Currently working with Patrice Caumon on a book about the stage fright of artists.

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