Robert Filip

Robert Filip

I am an illustrator/graphic designer from Romania. Responsible and serious about completing the work. A highly motivated, self taught illustrator with a passion for vector art and hand drawing. Able to concept and execute a variety of large, complex projects, start to finish, always with a focus on detail and complexity.

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Welcome to my world! My name is Anna Sokolowska vel EXTREMESHEILA. Emotion, mood, color - this is theme of my artworks. Photo manipulations are my passion:) I love creating new worlds, meet people dreams. Everything what I do it's real passion, is part of my life. I put my whole heart and soul into what I do. I hope you will enjoy with me:)

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Graphic Artist // Illustrator // Typographer // CSS Enthusiast, currently living in Istanbul.
Favourite illustration techniques: Indian ink, ballpoint, pencil, stencil as well as vector techniques.
Favourite topics: portraits & politricks.
Favourite motives: city landscapes & characters

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A vector artist and a graphic designer from the Philippines. Works are inspired by graphic images and pop culture as a whole.

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colorful gramophone with rainbow in the back

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Hi, I'm a graphic designer, see my work and if you have an opinion share it and let me know what you like and what you don't ... :)

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My name is Andrea Moresco and I am currently living in Bologna where I studied graphic
design at the Fine Arts Academy.
I am working entirely on the computer, ironically I define myself a digital illustrator.
To overcome a little problem with my right hand, my artwork is all drawn with the
mouse without using scanned handmade drawings or the pen tablet.
I know, it's masochism!
I like to insert a bit of irony and sarcasm in my work, above all when I deal with certain
people I meet on the street that are trying to make a fashion statement. My inspiration comes
from my surroundings, bad sentimantal relationships, my personal life and the political
situation in Italy.
A few years ago I managed to expand my projects outside of the so called "hobby" and
started working as a freelancer.
Recently I was invited to present my artwork in the Art Academy as part of a graphic
design course.

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Graphic Designer born in London, England. I specialise in Typography, Books, Print making, Logos and Illustrations.

I currently I hold ownership to an exclusive clothing label and sole traders business, and in my spare time do PR work for monthly and annual social events, as well as freelance work for several clienteles. My interests vary on a monthly basis, but I've recently been working on producing music, creative writing, blogging, organising social events, and finding inventive ways to colorise my apartment which often leads me to the demise of painting the entire house.

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I am a Norwegian nurse, and also an Illustrator educated from Norwegian School of Creative Subjects in Trondheim. 2013 I will be done with a Graphic design education at Berghs School of Communikation in Stockholm. I love to mix media in my works, traditional manual with modern digital technology. See also my portfolio at and my blog for more of my works.

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Illustrator, comic artist and Designer how want to create thing all is life.

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Illustrator and Artist have fun enriching the world with happy figures and pictures. Happy, cute and colorful are catchwords that are inseparable connected to the works of Bubblefriends.

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Alex (Leks052) Tsuper -
the illustrator, graphic designer.

I'm enjoing the things that I'm doing.

Education: Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), an architect by profession.

I've always liked to draw, and even in my very first child's picture one can see me with brushes. I have been drawing comics, caricatures and everything that occurred to my mind.

Started my career at the advertising agency in Kiev, after that I was working as an artist-designer at the X-Life magazine (a magazine about extreme sports), as a designer at Afisha magazine (Kiev) and Man's Health (Sanoma Magazines ).

At the same time I was busy with the magazines illustrations (LQ Driver magazine, “Vlast Deneg”, “Companion”, "Afisha", Men’s Health, Pink, X-Life, "&.Strategii", "&.Finansist", "IMHO" and other). As an artist-designer cooperated with different advertising and creative agencies (Adventa Lowe, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Linea 12 / McCann Erickson, D'Arcy, Mex, Sahar, Maximedia, World Web Studio, "Sablya", Mouse Interactive Media, Pulaski+Pompano, Brand's Friends, Pronto Film, Toy Pictures, 1.618 visual production, Fetish Film, ISD artgroup, Istil studio,..). Also worked for Nike, TET TV-channel, DeVision, Canadian Camper, studio Live, Erste Bank, ABPG etc.

If I have free time, I usually spend it photographing, sculpturing or painting. Some time ago I was also drawing a graffiti and it influenced on me a lot. Snowboarding, kitesurfing and motosport are also important for me.