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Seen in the former Cistercian Abbey in Bebenhausen, near Tübingen, Germany.

View of the former Cistercian Abbey Bebenhausen near Tübingen, Germany. Founded in late 12c.

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Church on the market square of Esslingen, Germany.

First mentioned in 1456 as the Red Lion Inn [Gasthaus zum Roten Löwen].
After the Great Fire of 1701 reconstructed with timber-frame in Baroque style.
From 1728 on it housed the first Post Office of Esslingen, from 1908 until 1983 the first cinema of Esslingen ("Kinematograph National").
The owner (Deutsche Bank) wanted to demolish it in 1983, but after strong public protests it got really beautifully refurbished.

Former Pfleghof of the Fürstenfelder monastery. It belonged to the Cistercian monastery since 1320, burned down in the great fire of 1701, and got reconstructed in 1703. In 1880 it got converted into a restaurant.

This has been the Pfleghof of the nearby Cistercian monastery Bebenhausen. It got first mentioned in 1257.

This Pfleghof belonged to the chapter of the cathedral of Konstanz, has been first mentioned in 1327 and reconstructed in 1770.

Pfleghof of the nearby monastery Denkendorf, in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.

Today it houses a local brewery/restaurant.

Also known as the Kessler-Haus. Belongs to Kesser Sekt today, used to be the Pfleghof of the monastery in Speyer, together with the neighbouring Stadtkirche [city parish church].

Pfleghof of the Monastery Blaubeuren in Esslingen, Germany. It got first mentioned in 1238.

Pfleghof of the monastery in Kaisheim near Donauwörth.
The wine press of the Pfleghof is also the founding place of the oldest German champagne producer "Kessler Sekt" in 1826.
Seen in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.

This building belonged to the famous monastery Salem, and has been first mentioned in 1229.
Seen in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.

Beautifully refurbished house in Esslingen, Germany.

Beautiful door in the old town of Esslingen, Germany.

The apse, as seen from outside, of the Frauenkirche [Church of Our Lady], in Esslingen, Germany

Medieval gate in Esslingen, Germany.
As seen from outside the former town wall.

One of the remaining gates of the old town in Esslingen, called Wolfstor.

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Tavern-sign of the "Goldener Schwan" in Bretten, Germany