Silvino González Morales

Silvino González Morales

I'm a colombian photographer and designer my work is focused in find artistic pathways to melt traditional cultural roots with a global worldwide vision. Right now my goal is to experiment with mixtures between classical (analogic) and digital techniques of representation, capture and print of images; trying to find a personal way to express my vision and feelings about a lot of topics.

I'm looking for my place in a world over populated and full of communication media but also full of isolated persons in tiny places, meaningless works and lacking of big dreams beyond money or fame.

I try to reflect in my work my concerns about my role like a man and an artist in a process between traditions and preconceptions and more post modern perceptions about my self, my sexuality, my place and my future.

Between traditions, rituals, history and a little dose of nihilism and a hedonistic search I try to find equilibrium. Im a bipolar person, my work is a catharsis, and a declaration of pride about my condition; my art pieces try to talk about my country, our wars, our pain, our dreams, our cultural melting pot and our never ending search of happiness.

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