World Cultures

World Cultures - Posters and Art Prints

Due to the variety of the cultures of the world ARTFLAKES created a very impressive and exotic collection. Anybody who is open and interested in strange and different cultures will feel good in the World Cultures-Collections. Discover the traditions and wisdom from other areas of the world.

Customs and traditions as Posters

Every culture has its own mysterious rituals that are great fun to discover. In these collections you will find costumes and traditions from the African, Asian and South American culture. Moreover you will find documentary memories of the proud native American. These images are colorful, divers and have an incredible power of expression. The rituals in the form of dances, paintings and traditional dresses are an essential part of a culture. Anybody who wants to share his interest in strange cultures or his own experiences with them can do so in choosing one of our images from our collections. A poster or an art print with that kind of motif can arrange your own four walls with a lot of class.

World Cultures as Canvas, Gallery Print and Greeting Cards

Not only high-quality posters and art prints with a 100% authentic wood-frame can awaken centuries old traditions in your house. Our canvas and gallery prints are great products as well. They look in particular noble and are the perfect gift. Of course the motifs are available as greeting cards also.