Interview with Melissa Azizi

Please welcome the lovely Melissa Azizi to our blog this week.

Melissa lives and works in Sydney (how we envy her!). When she is not working on projects for her own Production Company CineDream, or supporting and creating films, she creates beautiful and dreamy pictures.

One of Melissa’s photo projects is  The Daily Foto, an initiative where she shot 365 photos in 365 days (!), which she sells in her Etsy shop and where she donates 5% of each sale towards a charity of your choice. We like!

Where she draws her inspiration from, which her favourite chocolate is and who she thinks we should interview next, you can read right after the click.

Why and when did you start making art?
I began creating short films in my teens and only seriously started taking photographs a year and a half ago.

What kind of art do you make?
I produce films and I take photographs.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from life. The world is amazing – disturbing and beautiful. It’s easy to read newspapers, listen to music, feel the wind blow, notice a forgotten factory lot, feel the texture of a vintage lounge. Thematically, I’m interested in black humour, love or lack of, mortality, surrealism, dreams and displacement.

What does your usual workday look like?
My days are varied, If I am working on ways to produce my next little film, or freelancing, I always carry my camera with me.

How do you spend a perfect sunday?
Lately, it’s the beach with my man. Spending a year in Berlin truly made me appreciate the beaches in my own country. Perhaps a sangria beside me.

What is your favourite taste of chocolate?
Dark chocolate. Cherry chocolate.

Show me your favourite artwork (from your own collection or another artist).
Very tough question….there are a few – I was in love with Max Ernst “Europe after the Rain” growing up. But, I appreciate anything by Bill Henson, David Lynch, to name a few…

Whom should we interview next?
Tracey from HeyHarriet!

If you could have coffee with a famous artist – dead or alive – whom would you choose?
Silent film actress and writer, Louise Brooks.

What is your philosophy of life?
Life is everything and nothing all at once.

Thank you, Melissa!