Sentient Kitchen by Christine Chin

Milk jugs are riddled with nipples, salt shakers stand on baby toes, a crystal cup is combined with a grip-friendly human ear handle and decorative hairy trimmings. Artist Christine Chin created a series of rather creepy yet fascinating kitchenware called Sentient Kitchen. More after the jump!

This is what Chin says about her series:

“Sentient Kitchen examines the convergence between technology and biology. As the machines that assist our lives become smarter and more architecturally complex, they borrow increasingly from the biological realm. Sentient Kitchen takes inspiration from some of nature’s most ingenious engineering. What better way to dispense salt than through an organ that is highly developed to taste, and why not take advantage of the mammary gland’s unique relationship to milk? While it is the nature of the human ego to cast suspicion on a challenge to human intellect, Sentient Kitchen products offer a non-threatening environment to explore the benefits of smarter, more sensitive solutions to our daily dining needs.”

(via streetanatomy)

All images © Christine Chin