Eyecandy: Shawn Smith

©Shawn Smith

Which boy (and girl!) did not love to play with Lego for hours when being a child? We were reminded of this wonderful pastime when taking a look at my feedreader this morning where we stumbled upon the sculptures of Shawn Smith. But beware: They are not made of Lego, but wood!But anyway, Smith does not intend to let his animals and plants and what else he creates  look like Lego – in this case he wants to depict the pixelization of life. In times of high definition TV and constant input from the internet we tend to forget that most of the things projected onto the screen simply are a bunch of pixels – which you cannot touch.

With his artwork Smith changes this fact, because it CAN be touched – although you had better refrain from doing that due to the sculptures being rather fragile. But they are worth looking at as well!