Interview with Kathryn McNaughton

An illustrator who draws her inspiration mainly from vintage porn magazines? Well! Anyway, we liked the pictures of Toronto based Kathryn McNaughton right away, which is why we boldly asked her some questions concerning her work.

Her pictures are a wild mixture of drawing, painting and collage, in most cases with a hidden message and always slightly gruff. But even without an extensive interpretation it is fun to click through the portfolio of this girl.

What she had to tell us? Read it yourself!

Why and when did you start making art?
I’ve always been making art. It comes from my father… well it really comes from my grandmother, but my dad always enrolled me in art classes since I can remember. It was the only thing I was good at in school so I stuck with it!

What kind of art do you make?
Collage/hand rendered illustrations

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mostly from my collection of vintage fashion and porn magazines. I love the saturated colours, naive concepts, and awkward poses!

What does your usual workday look like?
It’s never consistent! Some days I’m really busy working all day and other days I’m just surfing the internet.

How do you spend a perfect sunday?
There’s a coffee shop/record store near my place that has live music on the weekends. I love going there.

What is your favourite taste of chocolate?
Dark Chocolate. 70%

Show me your favourite artwork (from your own collection or another artist)
That’s a hard one, there are so many artists that I admire.

Whom should we interview next?
Jesse Auersalo

If you could have coffee with a famous artist – dead or alive – whom would you choose?
Dennis Hopper

What is your philosophy of life?
What doesn’t kill you will only make me stronger.

Thank you, Kathryn!