Find: Rosie Geissler

“Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine”, is written on one of the pictures made by Rosie Geissler – we don’t know whether Miss Geissler possesses power due to her sewing skills. But we like her artwork.

Geissler is working as illustrator and graphic designer in Northumberland, England and has a fondness for typographie and smart slogans. These are then stitched onto white linen and framed, but they never remind you of those old-fashioned embroidery kits from your local needlework shop. More pictures of Rosies artworks can be found on ihr flickr profile.

instagram and picplz – now as stickers on ARTFLAKES!

Instagram und Picplz – two apps for your mobile phone that are used by thousands or even millions of people worldwide by now. Take a snapshot, put a filter over it and you get a lovely picture with a vintage look.

But then? Currently all pictures are only visible for other users of the app. This is now changed thanks to ARTFLAKES, because here you can have your snapshots printed as stickers! 10x10cm (4x4inch) they are, and you can attach them to everything that isn’t nailed down: laptops, desktops, folders, windows, walls… and and and. And if you’re fed up with having a sticker on this thing, simply remove it – this is possible with these ARTFLAKES stickers as well!

Now quickly get your smartphone – snap snap! – insert your name and order: 10 stickers are 14,90 Euro, 25 stickers 29,90 Euro and 50 stickers 44,90 Euro. Add 2,90 Euro for shipping and start, well, sticking!

Behind the scenes: Lennart Melzer

And now for the next person behind ARTFLAKES: Lennart Melzer. Lennart is one of the Nerds in our office.

He spends his day with wild coding of our website and drinking marvelous amounts of coffee.

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Get to know… “Start your art”

The market for start ups in Germany and the rest of the world is booming – more and more people take the step into freelance because they want to share their innovative ideas with others.

With our new series “Get to know…” we want to introduce you to some of these interesting projects – and want to know, what kind of art they have put on their office walls. We start with Jenny Seul, who founded “Start your art” at the end of 2010, an auction portal for young artists.

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Behind the scenes: Julia Schmitz

Today we met with Julia Schmitz, in love with all things written on ARTFLAKES.

Despite these hair-rising -11°C she hopped outside for a second to have her picture taken – and quickly rushed inside again with a warm coffee in her hand.

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Warning: Spam Emails from -Mathias Fiedler – Artflakes NEVER Sends Unsolicited Job Offers!

Warning: Spam Emails from – Artflakes NEVER Sends Unsolicited Job Offers!

Imagine a big, bright red stop sign at the opening of your inbox: Artflakes, the reputable provider of art prints and wall decorations, never sends unsolicited job offers via email. Recently, however, spam emails from the address have emerged, pretending to act on behalf of Artflakes. These messages are not only unwanted but also pose a potential security risk. To protect your personal information and the security of your computer, it is crucial to delete these emails immediately and not to click on any links or open any attachments contained within these messages.

The Current Threat:

Recipients of these fraudulent emails are urgently advised to exercise extreme caution. The use of the domain in these emails is intended to give the impression that they come from a legitimate company, which is not the case. Such emails could be attempts to gather personal information or install malware on your devices.

How to Recognize Spam and Phishing Emails?

  • Unknown senders: Be cautious with messages from unknown senders or unexpected emails.
  • Misleading links: Check the URL of links in the email without clicking on them.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes: Spam emails often contain noticeable errors.
  • Requests for personal information: Be skeptical of emails asking you to enter personal data.

Protective Measures

  • Using spam filters, regular software updates, being skeptical of unknown senders, and using strong passwords are some of the key steps to protect against spam and phishing emails.

The safety of your data is a top priority. Stay vigilant and proactively protect yourself against potential threats from spam and phishing emails. If you have further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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And on it goes: Today it’s the turn of chief developer Mathias Fiedler.

For our series “Behind the scenes” he took some time off of his nerdy stuff in order to answer the questions. And he wasn’t too shy to pose in his freshly bought glasses as well!

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Behind the scenes: Niklas Bolle

You may have asked yourself who exactly is this ARTFLAKES? With our new series “Behind the scenes” we will reveal to you who we are!

The beginning, of course, is made by the boss: Niklas Bolle.

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We present: Pieces of Berlin

What is it that makes the special charme of Berlin, drawing thousands and thousands tourist to the city every year? Photographer Florian Reischauer – a born Austrian – uses every free minute to find the attitude towards life: “Everything is possible, nothing must!”. His finds are shown on his website “Pieces of Berlin”.

He does not only snap dilapidated ruins and rank courtyards, classic sights or colourful graffitis, but especially the inhabitants of Berlin: Students, artists, musicians, pensioners or road sweepers love to be available for a portrait and a quick chat. Thus the wild mixture of people bustling around the city is captured on photographic paper in a lovely way.

© Florian Reischauer

Welcome to ARTFLAKES!

After several pots of coffee, an unbelievable big load of cookies and tearing our hair like crazy we finally made it: ARTFLAKES is online! From now on you can buy art at its best to rescue your walls out of their dismal existence. You can choose from the works of countless artists, which you can optionally order framed, as a poster, a greeting card, printed on canvas or framed with acryl. If you have any questions or suggestions, just give us a call or write us an E-Mail – most of the time we are available.

But what kind of use does this blog exactly have, you might ask yourself? ARTFLAKES is not only a platform where you can buy illustrations or photography – we want you to take part in the hustle and bustle that is called art world. Interviews with artists are on our list as well as information about exciting exhibitions and chosen art works that are sold on ARTFLAKES. And there will be several raffles as well – so having a look at our blog regularly may be worth it!